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Buy iconic luxury home furnishings collection in India as Furnistaa presents decorative products and accessories for your home.

Home Furnishings
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Beautiful decors and furnishings were previously a pre-requisite for royal and rich families. The 21st century has brought back the highly sought after trend for stylish living. Most of the brands in furnishing consider it to be a product based business, but we think of it more like hospitality, catering to all of our client’s desires. This is how ‘FURNISTAA’ is born.

Displaying a selection of exquisite curtains, bed & bath linens, azure upholstery styles and fabrics for your furnishing necessities; to a professionally designed, modern and sustainable product, creating value for money.

Through are extensive range of furnishings, we have tried to create a visually serene yet eye-catching in-store shopping experience for our customers, along with specially trained sales representatives, assisting in the practical visualizations, as well as fabric and design selection recommendations best suited to the customer’s needs.

We are glad to serve you and enhance the beauty of your interiors!

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