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How to Enrich Room Décor with Sheer Curtains

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When it comes to dealing with windows, there is a whole lot of confusion and finding the right treatment for every corner of the house becomes really challenging. If you contact an interior decorator, you will have him looking for inspiration and will try figuring out how to reflect your personality through your selection of window treatments. One of the most important things is that if you rely on inexpensive fabric, your sheer layers are going to look chintzy. So, there are few aspects that you need to take care of and when it comes to buying sheer curtains, it is advisable to go for the best quality your money can buy.

Where should you start with?
The first thing that you need to take into account is not style consideration because comfort comes first. If this limits your choice regarding curtains, it will be good for you in the long run. If you need total privacy, you need lined curtains and on the other hand if you want light to filter in, go for unlined curtains. Lining is expensive but has its advantages. It saves your curtain fabric from sun damage making it last longer and making the fall of the fabric appear luxurious.

Considering the fabric
When selecting texture, consider the mood of the room. However, where heavy silk goes for very formal setting, silky rayon and cotton sateen blends go for practical setting. However, you can have cotton blends or wool blends for any kind of setting because they bring in crisp and neat feel for any kind of décor.

Deciding on the colour
Before selecting a colour you need to first figure out whether you want the curtains to blend with the décor or contrast it. Once this is done, take into account whether the room is on the side where sun shines for the most of the time or is on the darker side.

Prints and patterns
Here, you should go with solid curtains if there is a huge carpet in the room or you have patterned furniture or bedding. Similarly, having a sheer curtain goes with light furniture and patterned curtains go with solid colour furniture or bedding

Length of the curtains
Nowadays, the latest in curtain styling says that they should be floor length. It is good to have them just touching the floor especially in areas where it is practical to have curtains at least one inch above the ground. However, if you want to go for the latest trend, let it extend two to three inches on to the floor. It looks high romantic but at the same time it is high maintenance.

Width of the curtains
Unless your curtains are pleated, you should go for at least double the width of the window because this will make the panel look ample and drapery even when closed.
In addition to the above tips, mounting the curtain rods by hanging the curtain brackets above and outside on the wall looks best and allows the curtain to fall gracefully.